How crystals find their keepers – the journey of a Lemurian Quartz

Each crystal that comes into my care has a story. The story of this Lemurian Quartz has a sad beginning and a happy ending.

There was a woman who loved crystals very much. Over the years a large number of crystals came into her care. Then one day the woman died and the crystals became homeless.

For a while they lived in dark, cramped boxes inside a warehouse. Then the woman’s sister decided that it was time for the crystals to find home again. She contacted a man who owned a metaphysical store and asked him to locate the perfect home for each crystal. She instructed that each crystal was to make the decision who it would go home with. Furthermore the store owner would have to accept the price that each crystal sets for itself.
And this is how, this Lemurian Quarz you see on the photo above and two of its smaller siblings came into my home.

But our story is not yet over.

Several years ago I was packing to go to Tucson for the biggest crystal show in the world. As I was leaving, I heard (in my head) one of the smaller crystals calling to me: “Take me with you,” he said. Experience has taught me to never question these things and so I took him with me.

Fast forward a week later, I am with my First Nation friend at his reservation having an absolutely transcendent experience. At twilight, up on the mountain, in a sacred spot used by his people for eons, I see Her.

She has no name, but she says “follow me.” So that’s what I called her: Follow-Me. And follow her I did. I sat up on the mountain, unable to move, shaking as if a volcano was erupting below me. It was cold and windy, I was not dressed for that weather, yet I felt nothing but bliss.

There was so much more that happened that evening up on that mountain, but I do not wish to share it here, not yet. I want to keep my experience in my heart, for now.

Follow-Me became by unseen friend and guide. She played a key role in my journey in the following months.

And the Lemurian Quartz Crystal, well he told me that he now must go with my First Nation friend. That I was never the intended keeper for him, rather I was just a part of his journey to his final destination. That my friend is to work with this crystal and spread light and love in his own way.

And that’s, my friends, how crystals name their keepers and find their way home.

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