Difference Between an Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing

Intuitive readings and energy healing are two powerful practices that help you understand yourself better, heal, and grow. Each offers unique benefits. Let’s explore what each practice entails and how they differ.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is a deeply insightful session designed to help you understand your current situation, life patterns, and karmic energy. During an intuitive reading, I connect with Spirit Guides and examine your Aura and Chakra energy. This connection allows me to identify blocks and sources of power within you. Here’s what you can expect from an intuitive reading:

Self-Discovery: You will gain insights into your habits, patterns, and beliefs. This awareness can help you address and alter them if needed.

Decision Making: By understanding your inner dynamics and external influences, you can make more informed and beneficial decisions.

Relationship Building: Learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Abundance and Harmony: Discover ways to attract abundance and achieve peace and happiness in various areas of your life.

Karmic Insights: We may discuss events from this life, past lives, or ancestral karmic patterns affecting you today.

Spiritual Messages: Sometimes, messages from passed loved ones, Angelic Guides, or Unseen Friends come through to provide additional guidance and support.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing focuses on cleansing, balancing, and aligning your energetic body. It goes beyond the insights provided by an intuitive reading to actively heal and transform your energy. During an energy healing session, I use various techniques to locate and heal issues at their core. Here’s what an energy healing session may include:

Reiki Relaxation: A gentle, hands-on healing method that promotes deep relaxation and stress relief.

Chakra Balancing: Ensuring your chakras (energy centers) are open and balanced, facilitating the free flow of energy.

Past Life Regression: Exploring past life experiences to understand and heal current life issues.

Soul Retrieval: Recovering lost parts of your soul that may have fragmented due to trauma.

Ancestral Karma Clearing: Healing negative patterns inherited from your ancestors.

Mediumship Work: Communicating with spirits to receive messages and insights.

Guidance Communication: Establishing a connection with your guides and angels for support and advice.

The Key Differences

Here are the key differences:

Focus: Intuitive readings primarily provide insights and guidance about your life, while energy healing focuses on cleansing, balancing, and transforming your energy.

Method: Intuitive readings involve communication with Spirit Guides and examining your aura and chakras. Energy healing involves hands-on or hands-off techniques to manipulate and heal your energy.

Outcome: An intuitive reading helps you understand and make better decisions about your life. Energy healing helps you release energetic blocks, heal from past traumas, and feel lighter and freer.

Integrating Both Practices

Combining intuitive readings with energy healing provides a comprehensive approach to your spiritual and personal development. The insights gained from an intuitive reading guide the healing work, and the energetic shifts from healing can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of the readings.

In my sessions, I often weave together elements of both practices to provide a holistic experience. By addressing both the informational and energetic aspects of your being, you can achieve profound transformation and growth.

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