Solar Eclipse 2024

Mark your calendars for April 8th, 2024, as a total solar eclipse graces the sky. This breathtaking event occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting its shadow and briefly darkening the sky.

(For details on the best viewing times and locations for the eclipse, please refer to the information provided at the end of this article.)

A solar eclipse symbolizes the union of the sun and moon, embodying the balance of masculine and feminine energies, light and darkness. It’s a time when the veils between dimensions become thin, offering a unique opportunity for deep spiritual reflection and growth.

This period encourages us to pause, reflect on our paths, and set intentions for what we wish to manifest.

Eclipse Ritual:

Here’s a simple ritual to help you harness this cosmic power to release what no longer is serving you and call in all that you desire.

🌘 1️⃣ On the morning of April 8th, find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably.

🌘 2️⃣ Close your eyes and take deep breaths to center yourself.

🌘 3️⃣ Reflect on the past months. What lessons have you learned? What do you wish to release? What new paths do you wish to explore?

🌘 4️⃣ Take two pieces of paper. On the first piece, write down the limiting beliefs, habits, and blocks that you would like to release. On another piece of paper, write down what you want to attract into your life—be it personal growth, health, happiness, or success.

🌘 5️⃣ Fold both pieces of paper and place them near a window where they can receive the light from the eclipse.

🌘 6️⃣ The next day, burn these papers, symbolizing you letting go and inviting new energies and beginnings into your life.

Where to watch the solar eclipse

According to NASA, the total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing through Texas around 1:27 p.m. CDT and ending in Maine about 3:35 p.m. EDT. Anywhere along the eclipse path, the longest period of totality will be 4 minutes and 28 seconds, nearly double that of the 2017 solar eclipse.

Most Americans will be able to see a portion of the eclipse. The percentage of the sun that will eclipsed by the moon is shown on the map below.

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