The Power of Ancestral Healing: Meet real people who found freedom from their family’s wounds

Meet real people who have faced the lingering effects of intergenerational trauma and found a way to release its hold on their lives through the power of ancestral healing.


Farah had this deep longing for something that she couldn’t quite put into words. She loved California, but at the same time, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her soul was pulling her toward somewhere else. Farah told me that from time to time a strong sense of dread would come over her like a wave and then quickly go away, leaving her worried that she was losing her mind.

When I tuned into her energy I felt a deep sadness and sense of loss combined with fear and a feeling of being uprooted. It was as if she had been plucked from the familiar and thrust into the unknown without any preparation.

Farah told me that her parents had escaped from Iran during the revolution but Farah was born in California, she should not would be feeling this way.

I explained that whatever trauma our parents do not heal prior to our birth is passed down to us and how it can manifest in different ways. Farah’s sense of unease and feelings of dread were all related to the trauma that her parents experienced when they escaped Iran.

Farah’s guides told us that part of her soul’s mission in this life is to heal the wounds of her ancestors so that her descendants wouldn’t have to suffer the same way.

Farah’s story is not unique. I see a similar story play out in many families who were uprooted due to war or revolution – Korean War, Vietnam War, and the world wars. I see this in Irish immigrants who came to the US during the potato famine and in pretty much every client of Jewish descent.

When I look at each person’s soul contract, I often hear the phrase “the pain stops here.” This means a part of their soul mission is the same as Farah’s – to remove the trauma imprint from their bloodline so that it doesn’t carry on to their children and grandchildren.

Through a process called “ancestral healing,” we remove the trauma imprint from each client’s energy and free their children from having to carry this burden.

People who have undergone ancestral healing often report feeling a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment in their lives, as well as experiencing greater emotional resilience, improved relationships, more clarity and purpose, and increased self-awareness.


Sarah had come a long way in her journey towards recovery. She had conquered her struggles with drugs and addiction, and had learned to rely on her own strength and independence. But despite her newfound resilience, Sarah found herself trapped in a cycle of abusive relationships that seemed to repeat themselves over and over again. On top of her relationship struggles, Sarah also found it challenging to achieve her career goals. No matter how much effort she put in, her dreams seemed to remain out of reach.

As I looked into her energy, I noticed something very peculiar – an energetic imprint from her maternal side that was created seven generations ago. Sarah later told me that she was named after her maternal grandmother.

I had seen many family histories with their own unique complexities. However, what I had stumbled upon was quite unique – a child born out of forbidden relationships, a mamzer according to Jewish religious law.

The story of that mamzer was a tragic one. Because of his status, he had always felt like there was something wrong with him. He had married another mamzer, and they had spent their lives struggling to survive. Despite being fairly educated, he never pursued anything beyond menial work.

Unfortunately, the imprint of “there’s something wrong with me” remained in Sarah’s family long after his death. It took the form of a deep-seated belief within Sarah that she was unworthy of success or happiness, particularly concerning a good job or relationship. This subconscious belief led her to sabotage herself whenever things started looking up for her.

Once we removed the imprint, Sarah felt a sense of relief and lightness she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Without the weight of her past beliefs and behaviors holding her down, she felt more free to pursue her goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.


Kathy, a graphic designer, kept undercharging her clients for her work and then feeling resentful because she felt like she was being taken advantage of.

She said that every time she thought about raising her prices, a little voice would pop up in her head, telling her to be happy with what she had and to not rock the boat because she could “lose it all.”

This inner voice would give her such anxiety that she would rather feel resentful than endure the thoughts about “losing it all.”

Kathy wanted to clear up whatever was causing this issue so that she could be paid what she was worth.

A reading revealed a very strong connection to her grandmother’s spirit.

That grandmother had lived through the great depression and suffered tremendously.

Because she loved her granddaughter so much, she wanted to protect her and so she projected her money fears onto her granddaughter.

We performed ancestral healing and we also helped her grandmother’s spirit to cross over into the spirit realm to get her own healing (more on earth-bound spirits and crossing over later).

Kathy raised her prices first by 10%, then by 25%, then by 50% and the clients kept coming and coming.

These are just a few examples of how intergenerational trauma can manifest in our lives and how ancestral healing can help us break free from its hold. By healing the wounds of our ancestors, we not only improve our own lives but also the lives of future generations.

Ancestral healing is a powerful tool that can help us release the patterns and beliefs that have been passed down through generations, allowing us to live more fulfilling, peaceful, and purposeful lives.

If you’re struggling with any unresolved issues or patterns in your life, consider exploring the possibility of ancestral healing and see how it can help you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

To learn more about Ancestral Healing, check out this FAQ article.

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