Healing Past Lives: How I Overcame Anxiety and Connected with the Wisdom of My Soul

In this article, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences of exploring my past lives and the impact it has had on my present life.

Although I have never encountered physical abuse in this life, I had always this strange sensation that something had happened to me. It manifested itself in unnecessary worrying and constantly looking over my shoulder. I discovered several past lives where I was a victim of violence. I healed the trauma imprint from those lives and now I am much calmer and more grounded.

In another past life, I was a man who was involved in a railroad accident which resulted in him losing his ability to walk and therefore support himself. He died a broken man several years after the accident. In this life, that trauma manifested itself as right knee tendonitis. Shortly after I healed that life, my knee stopped bothering me.  About a decade has passed since I healed that past life and removed the trauma imprint, and my knee has not hurt since.

Exploring a past life as a soldier helped me overcome a strange feeling that I had done something wrong. A western doctor would probably say that I had symptoms of anxiety, but working with energy allows us to be more specific and pinpoint the cause. In that life, I was a soldier during the war. I did not want to kill people, but I had no choice and that created an incredible feeling of guilt, which transferred over to this life. Through past life regression therapy, I was able to help that soldier heal, which removed that strange feeling of guilt I carried in this life.

Healing another past life where I was a helpless servant girl helped me stop obsessing over potential negative outcomes in this life and be more in the flow.

I had also gone through five or six of what I call empowering past lives – those lives when I was strong, successful, knowledgeable, and powerful. These have greatly contributed to raising my self-esteem and were instrumental in the work I do today.

One of these lives explained my strange talent for remembering various medications and conditions they treat. As a general rule, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but name a disease and I’ll most likely either know what it is or remember some of the ways to treat it or both. I attribute this to one or more past lives when I was an apothecary or a healer.

A lot of the knowledge I use to work with people, individually and in groups also comes from my past lives’ experiences as a healer, teacher, and leader.

Exploring past lives and healing past traumas can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. It helps is gain a deeper understanding of our current challenges and patterns, and work to release any lingering negative energy or emotions.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in certain areas of your life, struggled with unexplained fears or phobias, or wondered about your soul’s purpose, a past life regression session may be just what you need. Through this powerful technique, you can uncover hidden patterns from past lives that may be impacting your present, find peace and resolution for recurring dreams or fears, and gain valuable insights and guidance on your spiritual path.

To learn more about Past Life Regression therapy, check out this FAQ article.

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