Why women miscarry – a look from the energy perspective

In one of the Facebook groups I participate in, someone shared a story about her friend who has had six miscarriages, one after the other. This is a terrible ordeal for a family to go through and her friend was trying to understand why this keeps happening.

So, I thought I’d write my take on this from the energy healing perspective based on my experience with many women who had been through miscarriages or abortions.

Now, this is a sensitive topic and I want to assure you that I am writing this with infinite compassion. Contrary to what we wish to believe, none of us is God, so we may never know a real reason for anything. Also, sometimes, things just happen. The universe does not function by human logic and there are times when we will never have an explanation, because there is none. As the saying goes “it is what it is” and no matter how hard we look for the answer, it simply may not exit.

What we can do is look at this situation from several perspectives. None may be the right one in the end, but it’s worth a look.

Soul Contracts

There is a theory that prior to incarnating souls come together and form agreements of sorts. They may agree that one soul will play the role of a mother, the other of a father, friend, aunt, child, etc… These contracts also include several possibilities of how long each life will last.

Depending on the lifestyle choices we make in the human bodies, we may end up living a shorter or a longer life – to some degree of course. I know people who had made terrible lifestyle choices yet lived to old age and I know some who did everything seemingly right, yet left us way too early.
There are also souls who need just a touch of a human experience. They need a body to connect with for a short amount of time and then they are free to go. Prior to incarnating, they make a loving agreement with another soul who offers to help them by hosting them in her body, albeit briefly.
Conversely, it may be the soul of the fetus who kindly agree to briefly visit the earth so that the parents may have this experience.

At the soul level this is all fine and dandy. “Sure, I’d love to!” says the soul who is to become a mother.

But as we know, on our human level, this is much more complicated and painful.

This is not to say we are doomed. My position is that, although my “soul” may have agreed to these terms, my “human” has not. Here, on earth, I am in charge and I can honor or break any contract for any reason what-so-ever. How? Well, that’s simply a matter of technique. There may be several steps in the process – including coming into your power as a human being, but I believe if we want and are willing to pay the price and handle the consequences, we can and should break every contract (that includes twin flame contracts as well.)

The process may be long and uneasy, or it may be instant. The big question is: are you willing to do what it takes and are we willing to answer for our actions? Historically most of us have not been, but this is now changing. 

Second Chakra Energy

In the same way as the baby needs a nurturing physical environment and nourishment, it also needs proper energetic space – one that is free of toxins, wounds and other problems.

The second chakra is a storage powerhouse. This is the space where we create, pro-create, retain out attitudes toward money, form cords and attachments to other people, host the inner child and store every and any unresolved issue. The more stuff we stuff into the second chakra, the less space remains for the baby.

In my practice addressing the second chakra issues often hold the key to woman becoming pregnant and keeping the baby.  It is also essential to address these second chakra issues prior to attempting to break or change our soul contracts. We want to enter into contract discussion from a place of power, otherwise, who know what kind of new contract we will inadvertently create.

Blocked Energy channels

The human body is comprised on many parts working together. Same goes for the chakra system. There could be issues in multiple chakras, separately seemingly unrelated, but together they may create a situation where the chakra system does not have enough resources to support new life.

Working on your energetic body as a whole may help your body to be able to support and nurture new life.

Improper physical environment

You may be in a place in your life where a baby is simply not possible. Perhaps you are in an unhealthy relationship. If you are too young or living in the wrong environment. Maybe you are not eating well, managing your stress poorly or have a physical limitation that prevents you from becoming a mother. Some of these can be changed with lifestyle changes and medications, others cannot.

Wrong partner

This goes back to soul contracts. You human may have picked one person but your soul formed an agreement with another. The solution in this case is simple, change to partner or change the agreement at the soul level. See Soul Contract section above.

Vow to not have a child

If we believe in the concept of incarnation then we will see that we have had multiple lives. Some of these lives have been amazing, other traumatic. We may have seen our own children be murdered, die of hunger or suffer other unmentionable acts and have vowed to never have to go through that again.

Same applies to familial karmic agreements. Some time long ago a member of your family may have agreed to or created a situation where certain genes or energies are not to be passed to future generations.

Can you change this? Sure, see the Soul Contract section above.

Philosophical or rather theological lack of acceptance of being a human

This is a biggie, especially for those who are drawn into a healing profession. The soul enters a body and then changes its mind. By then it is too late, a human – you are born. You go through the motions, yet you never feel like an “earthling.” Rather you feel like an alien who is locked into a human prison just waiting to be free.

On the other side, the soul may be eager for a human experience, but you – the human may have experienced such trauma early on in your life that you refuse to host this soul. Every day becomes a fight, the human in you is ready to go, yet the soul requires you to fulfill the part of being a host.

This may be a tough thing to admit to oneself especially if you have this deep pull toward becoming a mother. You may lie to yourself but you cannot lie to the universe. If you do not want to exist on earth, for whatever reason, why would you want (or be allowed) to bring in new life.

This is also solvable; it requires the reconciliation of soul, spirit and human. You may also need to go through several rounds of soul retrieval and other practices leading to your ultimate acceptance of yourself as a multidimensional being on earth.

In conclusion

There are many other reasons for this experience. Ultimately the answer may lie in a combination of things, or there may simply not be one. If you are struggling after a miscarriage or an abortion, do not keep it inside, talk to someone – a therapist, a healer, a friend, or the unborn child. This last one is very important. Talk to the child’s spirit, allow them to return home in peace and to perhaps find freedom to come back to you.

Also, in the same way as our body has physical and emotional scares, it also carries energetic scars. There are a number of procedures you can do to heal and remove these scars in order to speed up the healing process, increase the chances of future conception or simply to heal the past.

And remember, you are not alone in this situation, many women have been through this and unfortunately many more will. A human experience is not an easy one. But it is worth it.

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