Client stories of healing and growth, part 1

Meet real people who have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and found their way to healing and transformation.

How a 51-year-old mother got the courage to go pole dancing and lost 25 lbs too

Patricia had a successful career, a loving family, and a comfortable life. Yet, she felt unfulfilled and unhappy. She couldn’t understand why she felt this way, despite everything in her life appearing to be great.

During an intuitive reading we discovered that Patricia has been unconsciously suppressing her true desires and passions in order to fit into the expectations of her family and society. Patricia told me that she always wanted to learn pole dancing but is embarrassed because she is a mom, lives in a pretty conservative town and she is “kind of old and out of shape.” (Patricia was 51 years old at that time.)

I gave her several exercises that she could do at home to clear the limiting belief that she cannot be alluring and seductive. It took her a few weeks but finally, Patricia got the courage to sign up for a pole dancing class. That was in 2017.

Today, Patricia is still dancing and she is 25 lbs lighter too. This story shows that an intuitive reading is not just about the “woo.” We address and work through real-life, everyday issues that may seem inconsequential but in reality, cause us a lot of grief.

Do you feel like you have everything you ever wanted and yet, you are unhappy? Come in for a reading and let’s figure YOU out.

How Jill transformed her co-dependent relationship and found a stronger connection with her boyfriend

Jill came in for a relationship reading because she needed help understanding why two people who want to together keep hurting each other. She also was looking for advice on how to heal the relationship, she loved her boyfriend and was hoping to stay together.

A reading revealed a lack of communication and appreciation for each other, but more importantly, it revealed the NOT SO OBVIOUS REASON WHY they had these problems in the first place. Knowing the cause of their miscommunication is what ultimately allowed Jill and her boyfriend to heal their relationship and rediscover their love for each other.

When Jill met her boyfriend, she was going through a lot of turmoil and as a result, ended up creating a co-dependent relationship where she took the role of a victim and he the rescuer. Everything was OK until the day Jill healed her victim mentality, reclaimed her power, and started to act in a different way. Her boyfriend on the other hand, remained in the rescuer role.

This resulted in Jill constantly being annoyed because she felt like he was trying to control her, while he kept snapping at her because he felt undervalued and unappreciated.

I advised Jill to think about what she wants from the relationship, and what she does not want and then have a heart-to-heart talk with her boyfriend, explaining that she has changed and that they need to get to know each other again. Kind of like a fresh start.

Within a few weeks, Jill and her partner began to have meaningful conversations. They enjoyed getting to know each other all over again and her boyfriend was actually relieved that he no longer had to take all the responsibility for Jill’s wellbeing and instead could focus more on his own needs.

Jill’s story is an excellent example of how an intuitive reading can reveal “the story behind the story” and help two people grow together in a healthy way.

If you are looking to heal or improve your relationship with a partner, a parent or a child and have hit a wall trying to figure things out on your own, come in for an intuitive reading. I will look at your energy, consult your guides and together we will come up with the best way for you to move forward.

How Carrie Overcame Heartbreak and Found Inner Peace

Carrie and Steve met at a company meeting and sparks flew instantly. Carrie felt a connection like never before, but when she mustered up the courage to express her feelings, Steve shut her down, revealing that he only saw her as a friend.

Despite her efforts, Steve continuously pushed her away, leaving Carrie heartbroken and bewildered.

Carrie did some research on relationships and came to the realization that Steve could be her Twin Flame. She tried to share this with Steve, but he remained dismissive.

Carrie was heartbroken and came to me for an intuitive reading, seeking advice and solace. She understood that she cannot make Steve fall in love, but the pain was almost unbearable and she didn’t know how to heal her broken heart.

I explained to Carrie that rejection is not a reflection of her worth, but rather a reflection of Steve’s inner struggles. I helped her understand that sometimes our twin flames are not ready to confront their emotions and that she should not try to control Steve’s spiritual growth.

Instead, Carrie needed to focus on her own healing journey and give Steve space. A few months later, she told me she could not believe what she saw in Steve, saying “he wasn’t even that good-looking.”

How Susan broke the pattern of sacrificing herself for others and transformed her life.

Susan, a thirty-five-year-old woman, was working a very stressful job. She had been there for three years and wanted out, but she was afraid that no one would hire her – and if they would, it would be for much less money.

As a result of unmanaged stress, Susan had a growing list of food intolerances and could not relax in the evening unless she drank a glass of wine.

One day, she had a breakdown right at the office and realized that she had to do something asap before she manifested a serious health issue.

Susan wanted to understand, why a smart and successful woman like herself, has a hard time taking care of herself.

A chakra reading revealed several areas of blocked energy, namely in the throat and her lower belly.

When I looked into those blocked energy centers, I saw two big things:

– a relationship issue with her mother and

– a strong martyr complex, which her mother also had

Susan confirmed that both, she and her mother, tend to give up their needs to please others and then get resentful when other people don’t do anything for them.

Here’s where it got interesting. When I looked at the energy BETWEEN Susan and her mother, I saw an incredible amount of love there. And this love flowed from both sides.

It seemed that each one wanted what was best for the other one, each one sacrificed themselves for the other but neither had ever asked whether the other person actually wanted that. They just assumed that they know what was best for the other person.

I was not surprised when Susan told me that she never had a heart-to-heart with her mother, but she did agree that an adult conversation was a good start.

After our session, Susan began to reach out to her mother, and be more open, more accepting, and more vulnerable.

Eventually, their relationship improved to the point of them becoming a source of support for each other – which, funny enough, was what they had both wanted all along, they just did not realize that they were going about it the wrong way.

P.S. I love this story because Susan thought she needed to learn how to manage stress, but what she actually needed was to fix her relationship with her mom.

This happens quite often, actually.

A client will come in for one thing, but Spirit will tell us to work on something else, which in the end always turns out to be exactly what the person needed.

Oh, and Susan did find another job, one that was closer to home, with better pay and a much nicer work atmosphere.

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